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    Make your children’s life special by enrolling them
    in our Armadale Play School

    Armadale provides a safe & nurturing environment for your children. This is very essential to tap their latest potential and bring them to the fore. Children are not like empty bins to be stuffed with information. They are like soft sponges and we enable them to develop an explorative and curious bent of mind to absorb meaningful knowledge and become well-adjusted, inquisitive, perceptive, bright and interactive children, ready for formal schooling. At Armadale, we just kindle the spark of curiosity in the already bright child that yours is so that he/she sparkles forever in future.

    Armadale Play School nurtures a sense of excitement and enthusiasm in children, encouraging them to excel in a competitive environment. As one of the most distinguished nursery schools, Armadale provides everything a young child requires for a comprehensive early education!!

     Distinctive teaching approaches

     Advanced preschool curriculum

     romotes all-around development

     Innovative in-house teaching methods